Summer WRECK diving on Island of Vis, Croatia

22.08.-29.08.2020 / Komiža, Island of Vis, Croatia

Take an advantage in summer days for a week of wreck diving adventures on the island of Vis and take a look to sunken ships - wrecks Vassilios, Fortunal, Teti, Brijuni, airplaine B-24, etc. Diving on the island of Vis we organize in cooperation with the diving center B-24 in Komiž more...


Diving on Island of Lastovo, Croatia

Because of the great dives in archipelago arounf Island of Lastovo we will returning next year to the popular diving centre in Pasadur and we will organising a diving week in September on Island of Lastovo.more...


Wreck Diving on Island of Vis, Croatia

As last year we organize wreck diving on the island of Vis in cooperation with the diving center B-24 in Komiža.more...


Early autumn diving on Island of Premuda, Croatia

Early autumn weekly diving in the Premuda archipelago, which is primarily known for one of the ten most beautiful dives in the Adriatic - a dive in a so-called Cathedral.more...


Weekend WRECK diving in Bale-Valle, Croatia

Weekend WRECK diving in Bale-Valle is organized in cooperation with the diving center "The old diver".more...


Autumn diving on the Canary islands

Because of the great dives around the island of Fuerteventura, we will go back there to our well known diving center in Corralejo for a diving week on the island of Fuerteventura.more...


The FEEL DEEP  diving club offers you diving courses through PSS – Professional Scuba Schools, which today is considered as one of the best diving schools and works on all areas of diving activities. Learn more about the structure of education and the school of the PSS on

OWD/Junior OWD (Open Water Diver)

With this course you get a ticket to the underground world of recreational scuba diving, using self-contained diving equipment. It gives you the basic knowledge for amateur or recreational dives, and represents the first step towards becoming a diver.

AOWD/Junior AOWD (Advanced Open Water Diver)

This course will give you additional knowledge about safety diving to a depth of 30 metres. The knowledge from the OWD/Junior OWD course is upgraded by this course, where you meet new challenges and get all the necessary experience to safely explore the underwater world.


The latest tool that enables divers to extend their time underwater is the use of breathing mixtures. One of them is NITROX (also known as ENRICHED AIR, SAFE AIR, etc).

Students who have successfully completed one of our diving courses

In our club we regularly conduct diving courses, which are the responsibility of our diving instructor Thomas Robic. The courses, that we successfully run, range from the beginner diving course to the assistant instructor diving course. Consequently, we congratulate all the divers for successfully completing one of our diving course!

Latest Photos

In the gallery we are collecting all photos which were made by the members or supportes of our club on their diving adventures, under or above water. Check out our newest photo galleries, which were incurred on our diving trips, courses, etc.